The Baita Fortini di Napoleone owes its name to the area, full of military forts and positions, built during the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, to stop Napoleon’s conquer, dating back to the early 19th century.

The restaurant is the ideal destination for a stroll along the lakeshore, in the green forest at the foot of the Brenta Group, and also to enjoy the delicacies of Trentino.

The menu mainly focuses on local dishes. We prepare the polenta, in line with the tradition, on the fire, to accompany beef stew, baked sausages, mushrooms, roasted cheese, Bronzon beans (with tomato sauce, onions and bacon), deer stew, baked pork ribs or roasted lamb ribs.

The entrees include mixed cured meat, marinated char fish and “carne salada” carpaccio. Among the main courses you can taste tagliatelle with mushrooms, polenta dumplings with aromatized melted butter, pasta with lake fish, canederli.