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  • The regulations are binding on all guests. By accessing the area each guest agrees to abide by these regulations;
  • Anyone making access must be provided with an entrance ticket.It is forbidden to throw or abandon garbage throughout the area. Garbage must be placed in the collection bins provided;
  • The operation of all services is not guaranteed (e.g., closures due to technical reasons, force majeure, etc.);
  • Guests are required to guard their personal belongings. S.I.T.M. S.p.a. is not liable in case of theft, damage or loss of personal belongings in the entire area, including benches and hangers, locker rooms and lockers (even closed);
  • It is prohibited to consume food and chewing gum throughout the area;
  • It is prohibited to introduce dogs or other animals, throughout the area;
  • It is forbidden to enter the area for individuals who are in an altered mental and physical state due to the intake of alcohol and drugs;
  • Anyone making access must be free of contagious diseases. It is prohibited to swear, use vulgar language and engage in behavior that may cause damage or annoyance of any kind to people or property;
  • Smoking is prohibited;
  • Running, making noise, jumping and shouting are prohibited.Guests must follow the instructions of the service staff;
  • The service staff is authorized to request and obtain the immediate clearance of an area or areas of the facility if necessary;
  • Service personnel are authorized to intervene at any time to require compliance with these regulations, prevent entry, eject defaulters or those who do not maintain proper behavior; they will be removed and will not be entitled to any refund;
  • S.I.T.M. S.p.a. reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time;
  • Extreme caution is recommended. S.I.T.M. S.p.a. is not responsible for any damage or injury that may be caused to oneself, third parties or objects during the course of the activity and more generally throughout the area.


  1. Inside the Wellness Center, the use of a bathing suit is also allowed (the choice is free); between saunas, in the corridors, on the terrace and in the relaxation room, it is obligatory to cover yourself with a cotton towel or bathrobe;
  2. The spa is mixed (men and women);
  3. Minors must be accompanied by a parent to enter the Wellness Center;
  4. The use of cell phones and any electrical and electronic devices (devices) inside the sauna and steam room is prohibited.Failure to comply is sanctioned with removal from the facility;
  5. It is recommended not to go to the saunas on a full or empty stomach. A light meal is ideal;
  6. Showering is mandatory before entering a sauna to remove any residue of creams or other products harmful to the facilities;
  7. Those entering the Wellness Center must be free of contagious diseases (including skin diseases), injuries or open wounds, free of seizures or mental illness. Saunas are generally suitable for everyone, but we recommend that you consult your doctor for ad personam directions and especially if you have any particular medical conditions;
  8. It is prohibited to enter the Wellness Center with patches and/or bandages;
  9. It is forbidden to spit or otherwise expel bodily fluids inside the saunas/tubs;
  10. The wellness area is a relaxation area in which it is mandatory to speak in a low voice;
  11. It is not allowed to use any personal products (soaps, creams, etc.) outside the locker rooms, let alone in the pools and showers of the wellness area;
  12. It is forbidden to pour oils on sauna heaters unless authorized by Sitm staff;
  13. A cotton towel must be used inside the saunas to lay on the benches before sitting down so that the body is not in direct contact with the wood of the saunas. Microfiber towels are not allowed. No other items may be brought inside the saunas (e.g., goggles or slippers);
  14. It is forbidden to bring glasses, bottles and cans into the center;


The Beauty area is a relaxation area in which it is mandatory to speak softly;
It is mandatory to book treatments/massages;
You must report to the Spa reception10 minutes before your appointment; If you will be late we will have to shorten the duration of the treatment/massage; No discounts will be applied that for this reason;
It is recommended that you do not smoke, drink alcohol, or eat in the 20 minutes before your appointment;
If you wish to change or cancel an appointment you may do so until the reception desk closes the day before;
Minors must be accompanied by a parent to have a treatment or massage;
It is advisable to take a shower before the appointment to remove any residue of creams/other; It is possible to do so in the Beauty Center locker room before the appointment;
Those entering the Beauty Center must be free of contagious diseases (including skin diseases), injuries or open wounds;
In order to have a treatment or massage, it is mandatory to declare one's state of health; A special form will be required to be filled out; Treatments and massages are generally suitable for everyone, but for those who suffer from particular illnesses or those who have gone through major health journeys (operations; disabling illnesses/tumors), we recommend consulting your doctor for ad person indications; In these cases, the beautician may advise against or refuse the service or request a medical certificate;
Massages and body treatments are performed without clothing. Untreated body areas will be covered with towels; Disposable briefs are MANDATORY; It is recommended not to wear jewelry or makeup;
It is mandatory to maintain a decent attitude; Contact with the guest is only in a professional manner and it is forbidden to request any other type of service;
Service personnel, including beauticians, are authorized to intervene at any time to demand compliance with these regulations, prevent entry, expel defaulters or those who do not maintain proper behavior; they will be removed and will not be entitled to any refund;


    1 -Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised by adults who take full responsibility for them.
    2 -The admission ticket can be unit or cumulative and is non-transferable. Upon collecting the ticket, a key for the safekeeping of items in a locker is issued upon request by the cashier staff.
    3 - Management assumes no responsibility for the valuables of users and is not liable for anything left or forgotten in the indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as for poor storage of the locker key. It also disclaims any responsibility for accidents or damage to persons or property caused by carelessness or failure to comply with safety regulations.
    4 - Attendees of the complex must take the utmost care of the equipment and fixed facilities. Any damage caused must be compensated without prejudice to the application of legal penalties.
    5 - Users may not occupy the lanes reserved for athletes and swimming classes. It is recommended to swim following the clockwise direction of the lanes to avoid harassment and accidents with other swimmers.
    6 - The pools and slides have been designed and built with the aim of ensuring maximum safety for everyone who uses them, children or adults. Therefore, please adhere to the rules posted near the individual attractions.

    For safety reasons, it is mandatory:

    • strictly observe lifeguards' instructions;
    • jump from the slides while crossing your legs and holding your hands behind the back of your head;
    • get out immediately and move away from pools and trees as a storm approaches.

    Swimmers are required to:

    • shower thoroughly before entering the pools;
    • refrain from walking around the shower rooms and pool with socked feet, except for clogs and/or rubber-soled shoes;
    • refrain from smoking along the edges of the pools, cackling, chasing each other or otherwise keeping an improper demeanor;
    • not to harass other bathers with acts and/or words;
    • avoid arguments with service staff, refer any complaints to management;
    • refrain from using cleansing soaps, medicated substances and soiling the water in any form in the pools;
    • wear a swimming cap before entering the pool.

    It is also forbidden to:

    • diving into the pools;
    • pushing other people into the pools;
    • playing dangerous games in or out of the pools;
    • slipping together with another person;
    • slipping with one's head down;
    • slipping while standing or kneeling;
    • slip while wearing goggles not tied to the head with a safety strap;
    • stand in the slide path or ditching space of the finish pool;
    • bringing animals of any kind into the pool establishment;
    • use the slides to heart patients, pregnant women and anyone with ailments that could be aggravated by these attractions;

    7 - Public access may be restricted in case of crowding and may be inhibited to persons who show obvious signs of skin diseases or are in a state of drunkenness or otherwise are not in satisfactory hygienic conditions. However, those who do not abide by the P.S. rules as well as those who do not observe the provisions of these regulations must be removed.

    8 - No reimbursement will be due in case of bad weather or lack of electricity.


      1. Only players are allowed access to the slopes;
      2. It is forbidden to give the club and miniature golf balls to other people;
      3. It is forbidden to bring into the rinks any object that is not strictly useful for the practice of the game;
      4. It is forbidden to step on, sit down lie down on the slopes;
      5. The normal system of play involves tackling the tracks in an orderly manner (from No. 1 to No. 12) it is forbidden to take a different route;
      6. When the game is over, players must return the bat and ball. Those who do not return the ball will be charged a fee of €3.00, those who do not return the bat will be charged €20.00;
      7. Choose the difficulty of the course: EASY starting sticker BLUE | DIFFICULT starting sticker RED At the start of each hole always place the ball on the stamp of the same color;
      8. The aim of the game is to make the hole with as few strokes as possible by following all the numbered tracks starting with number 1;
      9. Hold the club with two hands and hit the ball (the ball should not be accompanied);
      10. Each stroke is worth 1 point, at the end of each hole the total number of strokes should be marked on the scorecard;
      11. Obstacles on the courses (tunnels, ramps, spins etc.) must be compulsorily overcome;
      12. If the ball remains on the edge of the slopes it can be moved with the hands to the inside of the track by a length equal to the foot of the club;
      13. If the ball goes off the track two points are counted. Play must be resumed by the starting "starter" of the track;
      14. A maximum of 5 strokes are allowed per hole. If the player fails he scores 8 (penalty) and moves on to the next hole;
      15. The player always remembers that the law holds him/her responsible for any damage he/she may cause to persons. The player is responsible for rented equipment.
      16. In miniature golf it is customary to give way, if requested, to players who follow if they are more skilled or faster;
      17. The manager reserves, the right to invite people, whose attitude disturbs other players to leave the game;
      18. This game is a challenge with oneself with others, whoever at the end of the course will have scored the fewest points wins;
      1. We recommend that you take care not to misplace the bracelet that you will be given at the entrance. You will need the bracelet on your way out;
      2. The penalty you would be charged for loss is €10.00;
      3. The boat must be driven with the utmost care and under one's own responsibility by a person of legal age;
      4. On pedal boats, a maximum of 4 persons plus one child under the age of 10 may take a place. on motor boats, a maximum of 5 persons may take a place;
      5. It is strictly forbidden to approach the rocks;
      6. Payment is made in advance;
      7. Guests are asked to keep a prudent distance from the shores of the lake. The presence of rocks, even those that are not surfacing, can generate highly dangerous situations for the occupants.

      Any damage to the boat will have to be compensated;

      1. In case of emergency, contact: +39 338 5002257 or +39 0461 586978

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