The Roman Bridge in Mezzolago and the Napoleon’s Forts

Molveno, at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, was at the centre of history more than once, as we can still see in the Napoleons’ Forts, the fortifications and trenches of the 18th century, which were used again during the First World War.

The Roman Bridge of Mezzolago can be found along the walk around the lake. It is located on the “Strada dei Marocchi”, the old Roman way, renovated in 1265 by the Count of Tyrol Mainardo II, when he tried to conquer the Giudicarie Valley.

The threat of Napoleon’s invasion came from the ancient path; therefore the population tried to slow it down building the fortifications, also known as Napoleon’s Forts.

The first fortifications were built on the Mezzolago hill and are trenches, dug in August 1703, within the Spanish Succession War, while the Spanish were fighting against the French, coming from South.

Other more significant fortifications were built between 1796 and 1801, to hinder the invasions of the Napoleonic armies, which crossed Trentino three times and twice also through Molveno.

(Source: S.Girardi, Molveno preziosa perla..., Seiser, Trento, 1990)


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