The “Equipped Trail Livio Brentari” is a part of the gorgeous “Via delle Bocchette”, the upper trail of the Brenta Dolomites which connects Passo Grosté with the Refuge Fratelli Garbari ai XII Apostoli, along the equipped trail Benini, the Bocchette Alte, the Bocchette Centrali, the equipped trail Livio Brentari, the via Ferrata Ettore Castilioni (with the alternative of the Ideale equipped trail). The Livio Brentari equipped trail connects the Refuge Pedrotti and Refuge L’Agostini and can be walked in both directions, depending on the hikers’ choice and the type of route they decide to take. This itinerary starts at Refuge Agostini (2,410 m) located on the upper part of Val Ambiez, at the foot of the curvy Cima d’Ambiez. The “Livio Brentari Equipped Trail” is the simplest among the via ferrata of the Via delle Bocchette, and also the least exposed. It is characterized by a few long stretches on rocky spurs close to Cima Garbari – Punta dell’Ideale. The stretch at the foot of Cima Tosa and the one along Cima Margherita and Cima Brenta Bassa are really gorgeous! Usually the route is divided into two parts and most hikers take a night of rest at Refuge Agostini or at Refuge Pedrotti.