Forest Park in full safety

Forest Park in full safety

What is the Forest Park?
The Forest Park is an adventure park in the forest, constructed with cables and platforms, installed on the trees without damaging them.

Is the Forest Park safe?
Safety first of all! Safety is fundamental in the Forest Park. When you access the various routes, you will be equipped with the safety devices, be instructed during a short briefing session, held by the instructor who will explain the techniques to be used along the chosen route.

Is the Forest Park suitable for adults only?
The Forest Park is suitable for everyone! There are different adventure routes, for all ages - suitable for kids up to elderly people - with different degrees of difficulty.

Is the Forest Park dangerous?
No! You will wear your hand gloves all the time, along with a helmet and a climbing harness. There is a test route, where you will learn how to face each passage, xxx

How long does the adventure last?
This depends on your ability. It may take between half an hours up to two hours, to complete the route.

If you do not go up on the routes, are you expected to pay? And can you be a simple spectator?
Spectators do not have to pay. They can enter into the park, have a stroll, watch the brave moves of the climbers. The Forest Park has been one of the first adventure parks to apply a permanent self-safety system, which makes it impossible for the climber to xxx

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Dolomiti Paganella Card Winter

In Molveno, in Trentino, all guests staying in an affiliated accommodation receive their Dolomiti Paganella Card for free. The Dolomiti Paganella Card gives grants discounted tourist services in the area of the Paganella Plateau and in many museums and cultural sites of Trentino.

In the mountains

Molveno, at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, offers numerous holidays combinations in the mountains, both for sports lovers and for families, including hiking, walking, climbing, via ferrata, and the Adventure Park.

The most beautiful lake in Italy

Molveno, at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, in Trentino, offers manifold holiday types to choose from, both for families, and for sports lovers.

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In the mountains

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50 km Pisten in 5 Min.


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