This is a breathtaking route for Alpine Skiing, in a sober environment, leading to a less-known peak, but with a great view on the central part of the Dolomites and on the Campa subgroup. The route requires a good snow cover, abundant but well settled. The southern slope descending from the bocchetta on the east of the peak is marked for 650 m by gradient constantly between 35° and 40°. If the snow cover is particularly hard or icy we recommend the use of spikes on your hiking shoes. Hikers shall take their skis on their backpack for the last stretch, while ascending to the peak, along a very steep slope (50°). It is a difficulty route, but very rewarding.

From the parking lot you follow the road, along an easy and variegated route, which enters into the Val di Seghe and leads to the Refuge Cross Croz dell’Altissimo (1,430 m).

From the Refuge take North, following more or less the SAT Path no 322 and reach Vallazza (1,700 m). The ascending route in the south slope is clearly visible.

Continue North towards the steep slope descending on the East of the walls of Cima Gaiarda. The South-East sharp corner conquered by the great Trentino alpinist M. Armani back in 1934 is clearly visible.